Name and Shame Sexual Predators In Tertiary Institutions Says UN

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Name and Shame Sexual Predators

Mr Parajuli told an open discussion on sexual violence in tertiary institutions dubbed “Stepping up partnerships to end sexual exploitation in varsities” that the only way universities and colleges could rid themselves of the growing menace of sexual violence is by not protecting them even at law.

“I am alarmed at the statistics given nearly two years ago by Female Students Network Trust to the Zimbabwe Parliamentary Portfolio Committee on Women’s Affairs, Gender and Community Development that 74% of female students in tertiary institutions have been subjected to sexual harassment by male staffers at campuses throughout the country.

“This is a cause of high concern needing urgent support and interventions. One case of sexual harassment is one-too-many, and that all academic institutions including universities must ensure that the students have the best environment to succeed academically and support students to become empowered adults who can make an honest living and contribute meaningfully to society. As such, these institutions have the responsibility to ensure safe-spaces for students at all times to reach their academic and professional goals,” said Mr Parajuli.

He further outlined measures which he says could be followed as steps towards ending sexual violence in tertiary institutions.
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