Festive greetings to you all.

The festive season is upon us, a time we celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ. As one of the most celebrated holidays, not only in Zimbabwe but world over, the Christmas holiday brings families and friends together,  to share joyous moments and cherish the beauty of life. Most importantly the Christmas holiday offers us an opportunity to reflect on the good and the bad from the year and a look into plans and wishes for the coming year.

Indeed the festive season represents one of the best days for many. While we celebrate the beauty of this holiday, As SAYWHAT we note with concern that this holiday has always been very tempting to young people. We acknowledge that young people need to have fun, and explore life, but we strongly feel that young people should do so responsibly. The fun of house parties, street parties, sex orgies, one night stands among others does not come short of negative consequences. As we celebrate our first Christmas in what is being defined as a new dispensation, how about we consider doing Things differently!

As we celebrate Christmas, let’s also remember that young people are part of the Global vision to eliminate AIDS by 2030. Our behavior during the festive season can contribute negatively or positively to the Global target. It is therefore important for young people to make merry in a responsible way.

As we celebrate this year’s Christmas, as young people let’s avoid:

  • Drug and substance Abuse: if we decide to drink let’s do so responsibly and avoid drinking and driving. Avoid making risky sexual decisions when drunk. Abusing alcohol should not be mistaken as having fun!
  • Unsafe Sex: If you know you may end up having sex, it is always good to carry condoms with you.
  • When u Go out with people you don’t know and trust, NEVER leave your drink unattended because you can be drugged. Many young women have been victims of this.

On behalf of the SAYWHAT staff, management and board I wish you a Merry Christmas and a prosperous 2018.

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