Conversations with SARSYC Convener – Jimmy Wilford

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Conversations with SARSYC Convener 

The representation and feedback mechanisms amongst young people in Southern Africa is not coordinated and this platform, now in its 5th year, is working towards coordinating these young people. We believe in making SARSYC a strategic forum for young people to share experiences and notes from the various platforms and engagements take part in, locally, regionally and internationally. This has not been happening in the previous years and this conference is designed to fill in these gaps and re-ignite the zeal of young people towards collective advocacy to address their SRH challenges. Thus, the thinking behind SARSYC is to come up with a platform where voices of young people are consolidated and engineer a solution focussed movement, driven by young people for advocacy to address varying SRH challenges faced by young people in the region. Readmore

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