LIVE UPDATE FROM #SARSYC2019. Lusaka, Zambia

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SARSYC 2019 Main stage

07:15 Delegates have started registration and entering the venue
07:30 Lots of excitement as more young people arrive at the venue, Taking selfies and having fun.

Team Malawi SARSYC 2019

08:00 Registration almost complete, the venue is almost full, with more delegates expected soon

Conference Participants getting ready

O8:30 more delegates have arrived and the conference is expected to start soon

08:45 The smiles represent the summary of it all. Lots of enthusiasm as we wait for the conference to kick off in a few minutes

09:00 The conference kicks off. 9 countries from the SADC region represented.

Dr. Choolwe, Mzymba from the University of Amsterdam

First to speak is Dr. Choolwe, Mzymba from the University of Amsterdam. His message is focusing on the role of young people in the promotion of SRHR in Southern Africa

Challenges young people and organisation’s in the region to work together. “We are not talking to each other enough. All we do is duplicate each other’s efforts and programs. And in the process, lots of resources are lost. We need to work together to address SRH issues in the region”

SAYWHAT Executive Director, Jimmy Wilford

09:30 SAYWHAT Executive Director, Representing the #SARSYC2019 Secretariat challenged young people in 5 key issues. He noted that to address SRH challenges, young people should
1)Be humble. Stay Focused. Do away with pride
2)Be Responsible
3)Be Unlimited!
4)Get Involved
5)Be Innovative

09:36 Representative from University of Zambia officially opens the conference. Challenges delegates, especially young people to take advantage of the conference to come up with a resolution that informs policymakers the solutions that young people want.

UNZA Dance Group

10:00 Young people join the UNZA dance group in some music and dancing moment #SARSYC2019

Panel Discussion

10:15 Panel Discussion, improving health outcomes in Southern Africa, Youth Innovation and Leadership

Dr. Patricia Bobo from the Ministry of Health in Zambia

11:00 Dr. Patricia Bobo from the Ministry of Health in Zambia delivers the keynote address. Challenges you g people to be creative and create synergies that transform their lives and address the SRH challenges they face.

SARSYC 2019 Group Photo

11:10 delegates get a chance to have a group photo with the conference senior officials from governments and other important dignitaries.

11:15 Tea Break

Zimbabwe vs Botswana

12:00 Debate session has started. The current topic is “Feminism is cancer that has ruined societies” The debate is featuring Zimbabwe vs Botswana

Debate: The University of Johannesburg vs University of Zambia

12:30 Second debate session kicks off with the University of Johannesburg battling it out with University of Zambia. Debate topic, ” Men should not be part of the gender agenda”

12:45 “We need youths to be part of distributors of FP services,” Chief Nursing Officer from the Ministry of Health in Zambia took time to encourage young people to take up services and work with the government to address SRH challenges of young people. #SARSYC2019

13:15 Breaking News…. Zimbabwe and South Africa have won in their respective Debate Sessions. The two will battle it out for the finals coming later on. #SARSYC2019

13:20 Delegates Take a Lunch Break

14:00 Delegates split into Break Away Sessions. Session 1 is looking at Adolescents and Young People’s Health. Session 2 is looking at Social Accountability, Monitoring of Adolescent and Youth SRH services. Session 3 will discuss Sexual Harassment and Session 4 will be about Abstract Presentations. Stay connected for more updates

Track 1 – Hosted by SAFAIDS

14:00 Track 1, hosted by SAFAIDS is looking at accountability and monitoring the quality of service provision for young people. The track is also discussing innovative ways of promoting accountability and service delivery, including the development of mobile applications.

14:15 Track 2 Session in progress. Various researchers presenting abstract presentations on topical SRH topics including the HIV Response. In the Picture, a researcher from the Netherlands is presenting on the role of Biomedical Research in the HIV response

RHRN – Track 3

The Right Here Right Now Consortium is hosting Track 3 of the conference, discussing the work they have been doing in policy advocacy to address sexual and reproductive health challenges of young people #SARSYC2019

14:40 The Center for Sexualities and Gender is hosting track 4 of the conference. In this session, delegates are interrogating commitments by colleges and governments in addressing sexual harassment in tertiary institutions. Best practices and challenges are being discussed

Debate finals

16:00 Final round of the debate session kicks off. It is a battle of the mind between Zimbabwe and South Africa. The topic is, Culture is at the center of sexual harassment” Do you agree? Day 1 of #SARSYC2019 almost coming to an end

18:00 It’s all color and glim from the Wakanda Night! #WakandaNight. The ladies are looking beautiful. Happy, and well dressed up for the occasion. #SARSYC2019 is such a wonderful experience#PlanPrioritizePrevent

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