NOTICE of Institutional strengthening process

The Students And Youths Working on Reproductive Health Action Team (SAYWHAT) is undergoing an Organisational Development (OD) process with the ultimate aim of creating an effective and efficient organization that provide quality services at low cost to its beneficieries. Since inception, SAYWHAT has gone through unsystematic change and growth that has seen its influence going beyond the Zimbabwe borders. While SAYWHAT was unsystematically growing, the operating environment was changing, therefore there was need to realign the operations to the new environment.

A competant development consultant has been engaged to lead the OD process.

SAYWHAT wishes to advise all its stakeholders that there might be some operational changes as a result of the OD process. May you please note that any changes from this OD process are meant to strengthen the Organisation in order to serve the student community efficiently and effectively.

The process started off with the institutional assessment which is the initial briefing which

yielded an inception report and findings from the desk study report by the consultant. This takes the process to Organisational Design where the organisational direction is established. The design includes the development of organisation structure, management structure and operational structure. The OD process also involve capacity assessment of the SAYWHAT employees.

The OD process includes a systems development which involve conducting job evaluation and development of job descriptions and also the drafting of institutional Monitoring and Evaluation framework.

The process will be highly participatory through focus group discussions, seminars and feedback from the seminars will be incorporated to produce OD process report and debrief. SAYWHAT will never be the same! A new way of serving the students in Southern Africa is inevitable!!