A symbol of sisterhood and togetherness

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Web for life movement: A symbol of sisterhood and togetherness.

The web for life, a movement for young women took it upon themselves to help underprivileged girls during their menstruation through the donate a pad campaign. The initiative started after young girls realised that fellow women did not have sanitary towels to use during their monthly period, which compromised their self-esteem.

Driven by the spirit of sisterhood, the web for life members made a difference to the lives of girls who are less privileged and cannot afford to have access to sanitary wear. The movement embarked on a mission to collect sanitary pads from other students which they would donate to communities in need.

The journey started off with Harare Institute of Technology, as they collected sanitary pads which were donated to a Community Based Organization, Facet, during the web for life conference. In the same spirit Great Zimbabwe University embarked on a campaign titled ‘Donate a pad campaign’, where they collected sanitary pads from other students which they donated to Zimcare Trust in Masvingo. Chibhero College of Agriculture collected sanitary pads from fellow female students and then donated them to a local orphanage in their community.  Solusi University solicited donations of sanitary wear which they donated to a local secondary school in their community. They went further to engage in a menstrual hygiene management talk with the girls.

Sisters need each other, believing that there is need to look out for each other and ensure that other girls and young women, would have a chance to go on their periods with dignity. The Web for Life sisters have embodied the values of the movement and become role models by setting the pace in a race towards improving the lives of girls and young women who are less privileged. They have proved that together in their numbers they can create a great impact on society. With little resources, the Web for Life movement can help make a difference in the lives of young women. All it takes is just team work, commitment and a vision to see girls and young women enjoying their sexual and reproductive health rights which includes access to sanitary wear.

HIT handing over sanitary pads to FACET at the Web for Life conference

Solusi University donating pads to Ntnungwe secondary school in Bulawayo

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