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Students and Youth Working on reproductive Health Action Team

about us

SAYWHAT is a registered under the PVO Act (Chapter 17:05).

PVO Number 34/ 2017 has been registered as a Private Voluntary Organisation in terms of subsection (5) of section 9 of the Private Voluntary Organisation Act 9 [Chapter 17:05]


The objects of the Private Voluntary Organisation are:

  (1.) To contribute towards prevention of sexually transmitted infections (STIs) among students and youths in Zimbabwe.

  (2.) To advocate for the provision of quality sexual reproductive health services among students and youth.

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Mission Statement

SAYWHAT seeks to enhance the capacity of students and youth in Zimbabwe and the region to lead healthy lives.



A Southern Africa where students and youth enjoy their full sexual and reproductive health rights


Strategic Objectives

To fulfil the mission, SAYWHAT’s work is centred on the following key deliverables:

SAYWHAT recognizes the centrality of information in promoting healthy lifestyles among the youth. In that vein SAYWHAT seeks to position itself as a leader in SRHR knowledge management across the continuum of information management from creation to sharing.

SAYWHAT bases its programming, especially its lobbying and advocacy work on evidence of scientific research. SAYWHAT seeks to continuously strengthen and broaden its advocacy to cover other issues affecting students in an integrated model that recognizes that sexual and reproductive health of students and youth is not attainable if other issues affecting the youth are not addressed.

There is need to develop the capacity of students and youth in order to put them in charge of their own health. This capacity building includes skills that are essential for professional grooming of the students. SAYWHAT builds the competence of students in responding to SRH issues but also in becoming rounded individuals that can successfully compete in the job market.

SAYWHAT prioritises the creation of value from partnerships and interaction with like-minded players in the sectors of health, youth development and education among others, at various levels from local to international levels in order to leverage resources of all forms to address health matters confronting students and youth in Zimbabwe.

SAYWHAT recognizes the gender dimensions manifesting in the area of SRHR. As a result, the organization seeks to provide platforms for equal participation, including decision making, for young women and young men in providing sustainable solutions to the health challenges that the youth and students in tertiary institutions face.

SAYWHAT commits to the development of young professionals competent in addressing the SRHR issues in the country and the region. Through its project activities as well as internships, SAYWHAT aims at grooming leaders for the sector dealing with youth and SRHR.


Efficiency: SAYWHAT’s philosophy to development work is that it should be of low cost and high impact. This value guides its creativity, partnership models and planning.

Inclusivity: SAYWHAT uses the rights based approach and in doing so it ensures that every stakeholder participates and benefits from its initiatives regardless of status or classification.

Integrity: SAYWHAT staff, volunteers and members shall value honesty and commitment to the fundamental principles of SAYWHAT.

Responsiveness: SAYWHAT is a learning organization, using lessons from its experiences to better package responses to challenges and emerging issues.

Professionalism: All SAYWHAT employees and members will behave and be treated in a way that enhances the reputation of the organization.


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Softguy Zimhunga · August 21, 2019 at 8:00 pm

Iam very thankful for being a peer educator under Saywhat Organisation University of Zimbabwe. Being informative and knowledgeable about Sexual and reproductive Health issues. I’m looking forward supporting the organisation with the vision of a vibrant with high impact organisation in the region of Africa.

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