National Students Conference Mugota/ Ixhiba/Young Men`s Forum (First Tier)

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The Mugota young people’s forum is a haven for young men to meet and have conversations with regards to their sexual reproductive health. The engagement of young men in gender and SRH programming has mixed reactions by both scholars and activists in the realm of gender equity and equality. This makes the Mugota/Ixhiba platform a peculiar one as it takes note of the uncomfortable conversations that society is still trying to understand. On this note, SAYWHAT fully supports gender empowerment and equality thus grooming a generation of responsible young men. In this modern-day, the SAYWHAT sees the narrative on Sexual Reproductive Health as a collective responsibility of both young men and women. Gender empowerment, equality, and equity cannot be done in isolation and ignoring all genders.

In the first tier of the National Students’ Conference (NSC), SAYWHAT will host the Mugota/Ixhiba/Young Men`s Forum on the 9th of December 2019. The conference will be running under the sub-theme “Young men are part of the health agenda”. The sub-theme will seek to deepen discussions on key issues that have traditionally hampered men`s participation in health programming. Males are also a part of the agenda and key development multipliers in SRH. This year will be exciting because there is fair representation from across Zimbabwe and even Southern Africa.

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