NCC Members 2018

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Students and Youth Working on reproductive Health Action Team

Zvoushe Linnet Kudzai

NCC CHAIRPERSON / University of Zimbabwe studying Sociology

Harare Province

Linnet is the National Coordination Committee chairperson. She is a charismatic young woman who is self-driven by the zeal to see young women empowered. She was the Web for Life chairperson for University of Zimbabwe. “To all young people out there, every right we claim is accompanied by a responsibility. The change we want to see out there begins with us.”
Age: 21

Manobela A. Tariro

VICE CHAIRPERSON / Great Zimbabwe University studying Law

Province: Masvingo

"Ebenezer is the National Coordinating Committee vice chairperson. He desires to give back to youth and children within the confines of his capacity. Driven virtually by the realisation of a clear-cut gap between the lived realities and the promises of our law in issues to do with the welfare of students as well as youth. SAYWHAT gave him the necessary platform. He looks forward to be able to make a notable bridging of that existing gap through active participation and lobbying for SRH. “Sounds like we're about to get our hands dirty, so exciting!"
Age: 22

Bvumbamera P. Mallon

NCC TREASURER / Midlands State University studying Information and Accounting Systems

Province: Midlands

Mallon is the National Coordinating Committee Treasurer. He is motivated by the desire to empower young people with the right information to make right decisions. “Being born in a world where modesty and respect for ethos is a thing of the past, humiliation and self-centeredness is a day breaker, lust and indulgence steers the minds of our beloved young people, a stepping stone to rise, advocate, refer and educate a peer on the various packages and services offered with respect to Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights should be established. The future lies in our hands and the honour is ours to reignite hope, and soar to the highest levels.”
Age: 20

Kambezo Innocent Octain

NCC MEMBER / Bindura University of Science Education studying Peace and Governance

Province: Mashonaland

“Driven by the challenges being faced by the girl child and women in tertiary institutions in particular Innocent wish to move towards tackling issues such as sexual harassment as young women are more susceptible to inhuman vices. Together with partners Innocent seeks to rubber stamp zero tolerance to sexual harassment, and put an end to gender based violence within our society and institutions.
Age: 22

Sibanda Esinathy

NCC MEMBER / National University of Science and Technology studying Journalism and Media Studies

Province: Bulawayo

Esinathy is motivated by a future where every young woman has the power, information and means to shape her own destiny. When women are increasingly seen as active agents and dynamic promoters of social transformation around sexual reproductive health, positive change is guaranteed. This encompasses the ability to make free and informed decisions about SRHR. She is moved by the inclination to amplify the strong voices of young women. She wants to be the feminist who change the world, together with the voices of other women, as harmony assert progressiveness. “I champion advocacy around inclusivity, sustainability and equitability on issues to do with SRHR.”
Age: 24

Muringwa Nomatter

NCC MEMBER / Masvingo Polytechnic studying Chemical Engineering

Province: Masvingo

Nomatter is a young women who believes in the power that lies within the girl child. “Education is the key to a successful nation and if you educate a lady you have educated the whole nation”. She is inspired to educate the youths on SRH issues and to empower them with the information that can have a great impact on their life and for them to realise the inner strength they possess to build a better tomorrow. As a young woman, her duty is to protect the health of her fellow peers by equipping them with the right information.
Age: 24

Magomana Lindiwe

NCC MEMBER / Rio Tinto Agricultural College - Diploma in Agriculture

Province: Midlands

Lindiwe is highly motivated by the urge to see young educated people taking control of knowing their sexual rights and being able to speak freely of what they want with their bodies. She sees young girls as an important and integral component of existence, their participation is key to an SRHR empowered generation. She therefore believe that as a young woman she can design special programs in her college and varsities to address issues that affect them.”
Age: 27

Chipanera W. Prudence

NCC MEMBER / Chinhoyi University of Technology - Bachelors of Science in Supply Chain Management

Province: Mashonaland

"Wadzanai is a young woman who believes in acting change and not just talking change. She is motivated by the need to see young people taking a stand with regards to their SRH. A famous writer once said be the change that you want to see. “This is why as a young lady living in an ever changing world, I’m giving responsibility to my brother and sister out there to live healthy as the future of this country and the world at large depends on us.”
Age: 22

Tsuro Panashe Moses

NCC MEMBER / Harare Institute of Technology - Food Processing Technology

Province: Harare Province

Panashe is enthused by the aspiration to elevate awareness of the importance of SRH among young adults. As an NCC member he is advocating for young adults to rise up and be empowered and also empower others on their Sexual Reproductive Health Rights (SRHR). They need to be able to find solutions to their SRH challenges. This can only be achieved when young males and females work together towards this magnificent goal. Success is never an individual effort but an amalgamation of a group of determined individuals.”
Age: 24

Masuku Nkosikhona

NCC MEMBER / Hillside Teachers College - Mathematics major

Province: Bulawayo province

Nkosikhona believes in gender equality and is driven by the need to erase societal margins. He wants to create safe spaces for marginalised minorities and foster a culture where issues are talked about rather than assumed. He is a humanitarian at heart. Nkosikhona believes in gender equality and in the importance of making both parties aware of their SRH. He feels there is a need for young people to make responsible and informed decisions, without fearing the “unknown”. A sexually healthy youth is a happy nation.”
Age: 22

Samudzi Makanaka Sarah

NCC MEMBER / Magamba Vocational Training Centre - Tourism and Hospitality

Province: Manicaland

“Makanaka aspire to see and be with youths who are self-driven, empowered regarding sexual and reproductive health and rights. She also wishes to see youths who cannot succumb to peer pressure, and young people that are empowered to build a healthy nation. She is inspired with the desire to stand against any violations of SRHRs.”
Age: 20

Ncube Musawenkosi

NCC MEMBER / Manicaland State University studying Bachelor of Engineering in Mining and Mineral Processing Engineering

Province: Manicaland

“A non-captivating approach turns interest away. “Zithiywa ngezikudlayo” goes the Ndebele adage. Similarly, SRH issues have to be addressed in a manner that really speaks to the youth. Through his understanding of the spaces in which young people are found as well as their tastes, Musawenkosi brings innovative, youth friendly, interactive and fun approaches of reaching out and tackling SRH and all related issues for young people. Learning is most effective when it’s fun. #the_hashtag_generation”
Age: 23