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Students and Youth Working on reproductive Health Action Team

Our team

Meet the SAYWHAT Team

Jimmy Wilford

Executive Director

Jimmy Wilford is the Executive Director of SAYWHAT. He has been providing leadership to the institution since its inception in 2003. He holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Human and Social Sciences with a major in Development Studies (UNISA), a Master in Public Policy and Governance (Africa University) and a Master of Science in Global Health (Maastricht University-Netherlands). He has gone through various in-house leadership training meant to sharpen his leadership responsibilities. He is also a leadership coach.


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Mlambo Vimbai

SAYWHAT Programs Manager / vimbai@saywhat.org.zw
Vimbai Yvonne Mlambo is the SAYWHAT Programs Manager. She joined SAYWHAT as a student and was the first elected National Coordinating Committee Chairperson. She was the first Gender Officer of SAYWHAT. She holds a Diploma in Education, Bachelor of Arts Degree in Gender Studies and a Master in Development Studies. Over the years she has accumulated vast experience as a programmer and then as Programs Manager. She has been the Acting SAYWHAT Executive Director from September 2016 to August 2017. She is also a Young African Leadership Academy 2017 fellow.

Zamuchiya Dorcas

SAYWHAT Gender Officer / dorcas@saywhat.org.zw
Dorcas Zamuchiya SAYWHAT Senior Program Officer and responsible for the Gender Department. In the absence of the Programs Manager, she acts in that capacity. She joined SAYWHAT when she was a student, first as an under-graduate trainee and later returned as a Gender Officer. She holds Bachelor of Science Honours Degree in Development studies. She has passion in young women’s rights programming in the areas of gender and SRH. Under the Gender department she has coordinated various projects with the team she works with. She is currently under-going the African Women Development Fund (Executive) Leadership mentorship.

Mudarikiri Zerdias

SAYWHAT Finance Officer / zerdias@saywhat.org.zw
Zerdias Mudarikiri is SAYWHAT Finance Officer. He first joined the institution as an under-graduate intern and later rejoined as an Assistant Finance Officer. He later assumed the Finance Officer Position. He holds a Bachelor of Commerce Degree in Banking and Finance from Great Zimbabwe University. Currently he is studying towards a Master’s in Business Administration (MBA) with University of Zimbabwe. Over the years, he has undergone various in-house trainings on grants management.

Ndlovu Sendisa

SAYWHAT Programs Officer / sendisa@saywhat.org.zw
Sendisa is a senior programs Officer at SAYWHAT, responsible for the SRHR Department. Sendisa has dynamic and diverse competencies in HIV communication and counselling and health systems. He has been exposed to a broad range of skills that include Rights based Management, project in changing environments (prince 2) and leadership development courses. He has been the Acting Programs Manager for SAYWHAT for the period September 2016 to August 2017. He is one of the longest serving member of the secretariat and an oasis of institutional memory. Since inception, he has been an influence to critical programming through his creative writing and thinking skills.

Marimira Memory

SAYWHAT Administrator / memory@saywhat.org.zw
Memory Marimira is the current Administrator of SAYWHAT. She holds an Honour’s Degree in Office Management. Over the years she has gone through in-house trainings on office administration. She also works as the PA to the Executive Directors Office. As such she continues to accumulate skills and knowledge in programme and organisational administration.

Murigo Delight

SAYWHAT Monitoring and Evaluation Officer / delight@saywhat.org.zw
Delight is the current M and E Officer. He joined SAYWHAT secretariate after serving the institution as the Vice Chairperson of the National Coordinating Committee. He holds an Honours Degree in Development Studies. Since he joined SAYWHAT, he has been exposed to various in-house trainings and participated in national, regional and international forums. He is currently enrolled with Lund University as part of the International Training Program on SRHR. He is leading the implementation of the new M and E system within the institution.

Nkala Langalethu

Bulawayo Provincial Coordinator / langa@saywhat.org.zw
Langalethu is the Provincial Coordinator responsible for Bulawayo, Midlands and Matebeleland Provinces. She operates from two offices, one at Midlands State University and another at Hillside Teachers College. Langa joined SAYWHAT as a student and was once a committee member of the National Coordinating Committee. Langa holds a Diploma in Agriculture and Bachelor of Science Degree in Development Studies from Midlands State University. Over the years she has been driving the coordination of students within Midlands, Bulawayo and Matebeleland Provinces. She has gone through in-house capacity building processes which has sharpened her programming skills

Mazinki Nontsikelelo

Assistant Administrator / nono@saywhat.org.zw
Nontsikelelo Mazinki is SAYWHAT Assistant Administrator responsible for Human Resource Management. She holds a Bachelor of Science Honours Degree in Human Resource Management. She is an emerging HR Practitioner and has been accumulating experience since she joined SAYWHAT. She continues to under-go various in-house training in administration within the institution. She is the one responsible with the SAYWHAT recruitments and training of as well as HR management issues.

Munyonho Leo

Manicaland Provincial Coordinator / leo@saywhat.org.zw
Leo Munyonho is a SAYWHAT provincial coordinator. His offices are at Mutare Teachers College and Great Zimbabwe University. Having graduated with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Hotel and Tourism Degree from Chinhoyi University of Technology (CUT), Leo defied all odds and decided to do development focusing on SRHR issues. He joined SAYWHAT as a student while at CUT and later as an Intern. Leo has gone through various capacity development in implementing various projects in Manicaland. He is a Master trainer in various community development models and has been successfully led the mobilization of young people from the apostolic sects in Marange and other communities to access SRHR services.

Dongo Spiwe

Executive Assistant to the Convener / spiwe@saywhat.org.zw
Spiwe Dongo is the Executive Assistant to the Convener of the Southern African Regional Students and Youth Conference (SARSYC). She is responsible with the coordination of the SAYWHAT regional platform – she is the lead person is connecting the tertiary students in the region. She holds a Bachelor of Science Honors Degree in Rural and Urban Planning and a Master’s Degree in Social Ecology with the University of Zimbabwe. She is currently studying for a post Graduate Diploma in Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights with Lund University. She also sits on the African Union Youth Advisory Board, representing SAYWHAT.

Semwayo George

Graphic Designer / george@saywhat.org.zw
George Semwayo is SAYWHAT in-house graphic designer. He is responsible for the Website and IEC materials in-house deisgning. He recently joined and he is the first to assume such a responsibility. He holds a National Diploma in design for print. Since joining SAYWHAT, he has been responsible with the Website-outlook and the IEC materials deisgn. He is currently going through in-house skills development in story-telling using videos. He is also responsible with in-house video editing and publishing.

Mukonda Rachael

Information & Advocacy Graduate Intern / rachael@saywhat.org.zw
Rachael Mukonda recently joined SAYWHAT as the Graduate Information and Advocacy Intern. She recently graduated from National University of Science and Technology with a Bachelor of Science Degree Honours in Journalism and Media Studies. Since she joined, she has been driving the Information and Advocacy department of SAYWHAT. She is responsible for the content management of the Social Media, website and external communications.

Ngwenya Nkosilomusa

Bulawayo Province Graduate Intern / nkosi@saywhat.org.zw
Nkosilomusa initially joined SAYWHAT as an under-graduate intern and returned as a graduate intern to continue to build his capacity and skills. He holds Bachelor of Science Honours Degree in Development Studies with Lupane State University. He has broad and vast experiences in working with partners in the SRH and HIV field covering the province of Bulawayo in Zimbabwe. Successfully supported projects in the province such as the Big Sister Young Sister project (DREAMS) One Campus project and REAPS project. Since he joined the institution as a under-graduate and post graduate, he has been driving the implementation of various project beyond Bulawayo District.

Maduku Grace Nyasha

Midlands Province Graduate Intern / nyasha@saywhat.org.zw
Grace Nyasha Maduku is a Graduate-Intern responsible for Midlands office at Midlands State University. Grace has been part of SAYWHAT as a student at MSU. She joined secretariat recently as a graduate-intern to assist with the implementation of the DREAMS project in Gweru District. She holds a Bachelor of Science Honours Degree in Development Studies. Since she joined SAYWHAT, has been the Midlands office contact person in the Resource Center.

Mabuto Rumbidzai

Harare Provincial Coordinator / rumbi@saywhat.org.zw
Rumbidzai Mabuto is currently the Harare Provincial Coordinator responsible for responsible for Harare Province. She holds a Bachelor of Science Honors Degree in Development Studies. She has demonstrated great capacity in programming and report writing. She continues to go through in-house training’s to aid her work.

Chiedza Gadzirai

Finance Assistant / chiedza@saywhat.org.zw
Chiedza is the SAYWHAT Finance Assistance. She studied Bachelors in Accountancy Honours Degree from Bindura University. She has an Executive Certificate in Project Management from the University of Zimbabwe and is currently studying towards an MBA in Public Management at National University of Science and Technology. Chiedza had a passion in women leadership from the time she was SRC Vice President during her time at college, then Secretary for International Relations in the Zimbabwe National Students Union and Africa Representative in the World Youth Movement for Democracy. Chiedza was an Atlas Corps Fellow in 2014 and served at the United States Global Leadership Coalition in Washington, D.C.

Chiro Simbilisio

Masvingo Province Graduate Intern / simplicio@saywhat.org.zw
Simbilisio is a young energetic man who holds a Honors in Bachelor of Social Science degree in Sociology at Great Zimbabwe University. Simbilisio was a Peer educator at GZU and informed peers through drama and poetry. He participated in the ASRH program in Masvingo Zaka district under Integrated Support Program. Advocated for Behavior Change program with Regai Dzive Shiri.

Mutsa Kozah

Regional Work Graduate Intern / mutsa@saywhat.org.zw
Mutsa Kozah is a vibrant young lady who is passionate about the field of Social Development, and has a keen interest in gender, human rights and marginalized groups. She recently completed a Bachelor of Science Honors Degree in Sociology and Gender Development Studies at the Women’s University in Africa; after transferring credits in Social Work and Psychology from the University of Cape Town. She is a Regional Work Graduate Intern. Her responsibilities include supporting the regional work program team and the Southern African Regional Students and Youth Conference on sexual and Reproductive Health.

Makura Cleopatra Sheilla

Graduate Intern / cleopatra@saywhat.org.zw
Cleopatra is an graduate intern from the University of Zimbabwe. She completed her Bachelor of Science degree in Psychology. She was the National Coordinating Committee (NCC) Chairperson 2017-18. She joined the secretariat and currently manages the organisation structures. She is very passionate with young people in particular young women inclusion in development discussions.

Lineah Maposa

Graduate Intern Gender Depart / lineah@saywhat.org.zw
Lineah is a holder of a Bachelor of Social Sciences Honours in Sociology and Gender Development Studies from Women’s University in Africa. I am currently doing an Executive Certificate in Project Planning, Monitoring and Evaluation with the University of Zimbabwe. I trained as a peer educator with Deseret Zimbabwe in 2007 and Inerela Zimbabwe in 2010. I am passionate about young women empowerment so that they know and enjoy their sexual and reproductive health rights.

Karigambi Trycourse

Logistics / trycourse@saywhat.org.zw
Trycourse Karigambi is a part of the Administration Team responsible for all the logistics. He is also responsible for transporting programs officers and stakeholders to and from various programing stations. He has been with the institution for more than 7 years. Over the years he has gained vast experience that has been valuable in program planning and implementation. He is also responsible with the management of the transport fleet.