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Students and Youth Working on reproductive Health Action Team

Positive Living for Us Students (PLUS)

SAYWHAT initiated the PLUS project formerly the Positive Living Project in 2010 with the intention of:
  • Promoting positive living and increase access and uptake of HIV support services among students.
  • Creating a network of positive living students who become ambassadors of positive living.
  • Encouraging meaningful involvement of HIV positive youths.
  • Components of this project have been supported by YET and Oxfam Australia.
  • Area of implementation: 7 Agricultural Colleges, 2 Universities, 1 Teacher Training College.
The SAYWHAT PLUS has two central commitments of active advocacy by students living with HIV and the documentation of the successes and challenges of students living with HIV to inform policy and programming at all levels. Over a period of one year (January- December 2010), the PL project supported 35 students living with HIV from a baseline of only one female student known to be living with HIV .The project identified student community opinion leaders and trained them in treatment literacy and basic counselling to become PL Ambassadors whose mandate was to stimulate informed college based discussions on HIV treatment, prevention and other referral services. To tap on the increased knowledge of PL by students, the project employed confidential platforms for disclosure and support like the Positive living sms and college based suggestion boxes.

SAYWHAT has replicated the model which was initially supported by YET in its partnership with Oxfam in four other tertiary institutions under the HIV and AIDS support program (HASP). The HASP used the lessons learnt from the initial PL project by establishing youth friendly corners and a sustainable livelihood project that will be the centres for PL IEC materials and financing respectively. With proper coordination, support and the greater involvement of students living with HIV both the PL project and HASP have the necessary requisites to feed into MDG6 that seeks to combat and reverse the trends of the HIV epidemic.

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