SCORE Project

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Students and Youth Working on reproductive Health Action Team

SAYWHAT  is partnering  with  SAfAIDS  (with support from Sweden and Norad) in implementing a Sustainable Communities Of  Real  Excellence programme  (SCORE) which  is a regional  initiative  that is being run through strategic regional and national partners in 6 countries to address HIV,  TB,  GBV and SRH  needs  of  young  people,   women  and  key  populations.

This  programme contributes towards  provision  of support towards  gender  equality  including  a commitment  to address gender dynamics, the norms and socio-cultural  structures underlying inequality,   as well as harmful gender roles and discriminatory  practices by women and men of diverse cultures in marginalized settings of Mafararikwa and Hamamaoko Communities within Mutare Rural District in Manicaland Province of Zimbabwe. The project started in July 2014. The primary target of this intervention includes young  people  aged  10-24 years,   women  aged  25-49  years  who  live  in the  informal sectors around mines and farms,  young offenders and women in prisons and SAYWHAT is specifically targeting young people among the Marange Apostolic Sect.

The Young People (YP) are being reached through the FreshCom Model which is an approach aimed at scaling up dissemination  of strategic SRH information and uptake of key services  for young people using the “FRESH Way”. The programme builds the capacity of young people to become champions of SRH education,   advocacy,   motivation  and  referral  of their  peers  for  SRH services within their own communities through the (young people information and services advocates) YPISA. The secondary target of this intervention includes Men as critical stakeholders in preventing HIV, GBV and upholding the rights of women and girls and Gatekeepers (teachers, district officials, political, traditional and religious  leaders),  Circle of Care of adolescents and Young People (YP) (parents,  guardians and carers) as well as SRHR Service Providers (Health and Education sectors). SAYWHAT is implementing the following main activities: YPISA SRHR trainings, Intergenerational Dialogues, Mobile Hop On-Hop Off Taxi Dialogues, Establishment and management of SRHR Radio Listening clubs and SCORE SHRR Speak out Bashes in Mutare Rural District.