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The Web for Life is an active and dynamic network and platform for female students in tertiary institutions who are leaders and advocates for Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights. The Web for Life Network is an initiative of the Students and Youth Working on reproductive Health Action Team that aims to promote and strengthen the active participation and involvement of female students in SRHR Advocacy.


The Web for Life Network is a stepping stone in improving the active participation of young women in addressing their Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights. SAYWHAT through its several interventions has realised the need to increase access and uptake of Sexual and Reproductive Health Services including HIV and AIDS prevention, treatment, care and support by female students in tertiary institutions. Responding to these challenges requires greater involvement of female students in creating a gender-just community on college campuses.There is still limited strengthened capacity and networks of female students in responding and addressing their sexual and reproductive health challenges. Such capacity can help in lobbying and advocacy for friendly policies within tertiary institutions that addresses SRH allenges and increase their knowledge/ information levels and understanding of policies that address gender issues within tertiary institutions in Zimbabwe. If female students’ capacities are strengthened,they can solve the reproductive health challenges they face.The Web for Life Network shall also be an active platform for research and documentation of female students’ SRH experiences within tertiary institution to inspire evidence based programming on young women interventions.


The Web for Life Network envisions empowered, healthy and responsible young women who advocate for their Sexual and Reproductive Health Rights.


Young Women on the move!


  • Effective and efficient Communication
  • Role Model
  • Integrity
  • Good teamwork skills
  • Accountability
  • Commitment
  • Sensitive to Gender Equality and Equity

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